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the first look to deconstruct!

A great new look for winter from Oki-Ni but one that will set you back a casual grand! But never fret paupees im going to be deconstructing this look into pieces available from the highstreet for a more wallet friendly price!

This is one of my favorite looks from Oki-ni’s new winter collection: both casual and achingly cool this is an everyday look that screams style! But the price tags on the pieces make it  way out of most peoples wallets! Im going to be deconstructing this look into some high street available and reasonably priced pieces that will let you get the look minus the oppressive price tag!

To start with THAT jacket! What a piece American sensibility with a skinny silhouette makes this an essential winter purchase. But for those of the weak of heart the £855 price tag makes this a far of dream. This baseball jacket by Topman makes a great stand in for an amazing £40!

The long sleeve crew neck can also be found for a steal at most high street stores and if you’re willing to give a bit on the color Primark do a great range for next to nothing!

My favorite part of this look is the nonnative voyager easy pants! A well tailored lounge trouser these are a definite for the Christmas list. A safer alternative though at a stunning £45 are these 23:23 jox tracksuit bottoms again from Topman. If the fit isn’t for you this simpler version should also do the trick if you’re after the color.

This patent blue hi-top is a great piece at an impulse price!

Navy Blue hi-top by Topman.

To finish this off who could forget the shoes? This boot from Cordvan is a stunning piece and if i’m honest nothing on the high street really compares. But at over a grand it really is a distant dream! Don’t worry though because any good boot should finish this look off just as well. Personally i would opt for a brown suede desert boot from clarks (my favorite tread for the darker months) although if you want the bright colors of this piece you could do worse than to look at these navy patent hi-tops from topman, a pinch at £40. ( I’m not choosing topman on purpose but they really do have all bases covered on this look!)

So there it is the first look! Though not quite the real Mccoy i hope this high street alternative will cover  your bases and give you a good start when it comes to looking fresh this winter!


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