lust (lst) n. An overwhelming desire or craving (1)

The Time Teller P by Nixon.

The Time Teller P by Nixon.

My number one issue with the British winter is the fact it seems to make everyone crawl back into the gray and black corners of their wardrobes which can leave your outfit looking drained and uninspiring. BUT a good colorful watch can be the perfect solution to this problem and will brighten up the dark months. My favorite at the moment is the time teller p by nixon which is a great piece of design  for only £50 which makes it a great impulse buy.


Ice Neon watch : Stand out from the crowd!

Another best buy is  the neon watch by Ice which is a bit more expensive but still well worth it for the envious look you’ll get on the tube (My favorite  color is purple but the green one also looks amazing)!



But if your running low on cash this year this cheaper version from ebay can also complete the look for less than a pizza!

-Bon Apetit-


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