Desert Boots: Four of a Kind

The desert boot is back: The design classic has turned 60 and is celebrating with a cult comeback. The original design was thought up by Nathan Clark in 1949 taking inspiration from British army officers in Egypt who were getting the local tradesmen to make them the simple suede boots. The desert boot is now available in various different guises although the Clarks original is still in production.

Clarks Original in Sand Suede.

Clarks original: This is the daddy of all desert boots. In production now for 60 years if its credibility you’re after look no further. For the 60th anniversary Clarks have released special edition boots including one  in purple suede but the classic sand version is still in my opinion the best and it’s not everyday you can pick up such a design icon for less than 70 pounds.

Topman's version


The Updated Classic: In a classic case of bandwagon jumping Topman have also released a desert boot. Although not entirely faithful to the original specifications this modernized version with its slimmer toe is sure to be a big look this winter and at £55 pounds its worth a serious thought.

The Serious Investment: If you’re feeling sound in pocket this season you may want to consider Russell and Bromley’s version. At £125 it is the most expensive of the four but there’s no denying there’s something special about this one. As you would expect from Russell and Bromley the boot is finished to perfection and should last you well  if you look after it. The real question though is that is it real worth paying almost twice the amount for a boot that is just slightly better built? I’m not so sure. But in a wide range of colors this is an investment to consider if your wallet’s up to it.

Russell and Bromley

The Paupers pick: In the spirit of the blog i have chosen as my last top pick a shoe that should be in the reach of even the most disenfranchised sartorialist. This boot by roamers is a bargain at £20 although as far as i know it can only be bought online it still makes a great compromise if the strings are tight this Christmas.


3 responses to “Desert Boots: Four of a Kind

  1. the perfect shoe, i’ll got for the clarks, as ive tried and tested them for the last 2 years. still going strong

  2. they sure do, i’ve actually tried their desert boots on and they are as comfy but seem abit elongated in the toe for me

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