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Another great winter look from Oki-Ni

Something amazing has happened this winter Burgundy  has come back into fashion! Now don’t get me wrong i’ve always been a big fan of the color but it only ever seemed to be worn by tweed sporting bankers and old Etonians. But not any more! As this look from Oki Ni proves Burgundy is once again one of winters essential colors and one that no wardrobe should overlook this season.

The crucial part of this outfit though is the Martin Margiela shirt. The turqoise color contrasts perfectly with the trousers and it has an on trend casual but well tailored fit too it. If the £205 price tag is beyond you though Next have a decent substitute at £20 pounds which matches the color well although it perhaps lacks the flair of the Margiela (Topman have a few alternatives although none matched the color as well)

Next up the burgundy trousers (also by Margiela) which have a  slim silhouette whilst keeping a loose fit around the lower leg, something i love in a jean. You can pick up an equivalent pair from a few stores. At only £20 uniqlo has a chino that fits the bill very well with a very close match to the color, while This jean also from uniqlo is a slightly different shade to  the Margiela’s but is on offer at only £15 pounds making it a great alternative.

The Topman alternative.

The rubber effect shoes are slightly trickier to find but as always topman have a few options to consider.My first choice would be these Leather shoes which are very similar to the Margiela’s shown and are wallet friendly at £50.

You could also try these hi-tops although for me the first pair are a better buy. If like me though you are more of a traditionalist when it comes to your shoes you could finish this look off with any good pair of boots or loafers. As always if you are prepared for a bit of a search Barratts can have some real gems for next to nothing and their 20% sale makes this a great time to stock up on shoes.


4 responses to “pauper book .2

  1. hey,

    thanks for skipping by my blog, glad your enjoying what i’m posting on. the speakers are ava. at the link that was at the bottom.

    your blog seems really cool man, keep it up and i’m sure you will get tones of followers. i really like those grey topshop trainers, surely i good pair to pick up in the xmas sales.

    look forward to more posts

  2. i’ll wait for post-xmas, plus i get staff discount!

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