And now for something completely different: Beat! Beat! Beat!


Beat! Beat! Beat!

Trying not to be cliched is something i struggle with… but this song from German band Beat! Beat! Beat! leaves me with no such problems. For It is a rare song that can be described as the musical equivalent of a drunken cycle through a minefield but really no other words can express the pure indie insanity of Fireworks. Grab the Mp3 after the jump!


There’s something about the lyrics that is reminiscent of googles efforts at translating my French coursework. The German four piece cut and paste phrases in a confused but somehow perfectly expressive way creating hilariously perfect oddities like “we both crash into a hospital the alarm hurts” that make the song just….well…work!

Like the Foals or Vampire Weekend but German and a lot more fun Beat! Beat! Beat! are a band to watch.

Fireworks (link to host)



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