A mixed bag:


a smiley face....

I apologize for being sidetracked from my look-books for the last few posts but the dazzling lights of the blog-o’-sphere have dragged me in like a moth to a flame (did i mention the cliches?) over the last few nights.


Although this was a mostly pointless activity, I did stumble across a few posts and websites which briefly convinced me of my role as the Indiana Jones of blogs. (An illusion that was quickly shattered by a glance at the view counts.)

The first of these pixelated gems was Yeasayers video for their new single Ambling Alp, a 3 minute master piece with more style than most feature films (also more nudity but i’m sure we can forgive them).

Next up was a website that is not for the easily distracted. I wasted a good three hours trying to draw a smily face with my voice (an activity that drew worried looks from all around me) after discovering this surreal musical experiment.

Equally time wasting is Let them sing it for you a site that will compose any message you choose to type in out of well known songs. You can then email the resulting mash up to workmates/schoolmates, although this is an activity that rewarded me with more worried and occasionally pitying looks. (Although these could have been down to my humming which i am assured was not the highest commendation of my vocal skills.)

The final cherry on this eclectic adventure through time and cyberspace though came in the form of a little four digit code. On the off chance that any of you are interested in 10% off and free postage from topman it might be worth you time typing U10K into the discount code box when you check out (just a hunch). Hurry though because these codes tend to expire quickly!

hope you’ve enjoyed my little diversion, The new look book is on it’s way!




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