Pauper Book .3


oki-ni look 3.

So after a short wastecation the third Pauper Book is here. This is a look that has been calling to me every time I skip through oki-ni’s site. Im not sure whether it’s the cardigan or the trousers but something about this look just really does it for me…..


The cardigan: I’ve made my mind up! It’s the cardigan. There’s something about the traditional crotchet pattern that juxtaposes with the modern fit and red detailing around the pockets that just works.It’s as if your granny and your hipster friend have been somehow morphed into a cardigan (my metaphors are sometimes very obscure)….Moving swiftly on if your not tempted by the £220 pounds price tag there are a few other options… Because this cardigan is a real one-off its hard/impossible to get something similar on the high-street. Don’t worry though because  there are a few other statement cardigans that are sure to get you sartorialist tastebuds tingling.The first of these is from river island. Annoyingly their website doesn’t let me link though any images or even attach a link to this cardy so i’m going to have to just give you the item number and let you head over for a look at this rather nice fairisle patterned number (224470).  Continuing the patterned theme this is a nice chunky knit from Topman with a great shawl neck collar which is well worth a look in at only £46.

a great statement cardigan from Topman

The trousers:much like the Nonnager easy pants from the first look this baggy lounge style seems to be getting quite big this winter.As in the first look i recommend you look at these 23:23 ones which would be my first pick. If they don’t do anything for you though most sweatpants should fill in well (make sure you get ones which taper at the bottom though!)

The shirt: Great collarless gingham shirt from Alexander McQueen. This works really well off the casual loungey feel given by the trousers and cardigan adding a bit of an edge to the look. Topman do a great cut away collar shirt which looks almost identical for only £26 a definite must buy.

23:23 easy pants

The shoes: These shoes really do tie together this outfit. The simple all red hi-top is the hipster in this look coming out (let’s ignore the granny part for the moment) It really gives the outfit an urban dimension without going too over the top. The best thing about these shoes though is still to come…You may want to sit down now…..right everyone sitting? These shoes are only £45. For once Oki-Ni seem to have chosen an affordable pair of kicks. This i am pleased to say makes my job 10 times easier as i no longer have to flick through various websites in search of a suitably cheap alternative for you good people! In the timeless words of Chuck Norris “HELL YEAH!”

Hope you enjoyed the third installment and keep an eye out for an upcoming collaboration with the amazing fashion beans some time in the next few weeks.




One response to “Pauper Book .3

  1. i love the playfulness of this look, the unexpected layering & absolutely adore the drop crotch pants. ive always been a fan of the jox & just cant wait to get my hands on a pair.

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