lust (lst) n. An overwhelming desire or craving (2)

Headphone PornIT’S HERE (almost): The evenings are getting shorter the days colder and the urge to escape to some remote log cabin on a snow swept mountain is getting inexplicably stronger…. Christmas is coming and with it the start of ski-season… Iv’e got the effortlessly roguish jacket (Tk-maxx you fountain of goodness) the salopets are ready to go and the large selection of ridiculous wooly hats are on stand by. The one thing i can’t seem to find though are the headphones! Now i know when you think of skiing headphones aren’t the first things that come to mind but if there’s one thing better than carving down a mountain, it’s carving down a mountain with Slade blasting out of a good pair of cans. To help you along WESC have come up with some of the best looking headphones i’ve seen in years! If black plastic clunkyness isn’t your thing i seriously recommend you check out these retro overhead sirens, Coming in every shade of neon if you can’t find a pair to match your jacket somethings gone wrong….. my favorite pair are the ‘oboe’ with their 80’s wholesomeness and chrome trimmings (Apple Green all the way!) but if you want a pair with a bit more oomph the bongos are also great.

Weighing in at a bargain £36.95 these are also an absolute steal!



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