Dear readers, Its been a while….

A new year a new decade and a new focus: To start my 2010 blogging season (yes slightly late) I’ve decided to give you a bit of a clue in one what’s been catching my imagination this year. To start with iv’e discovered a new found respect for street art after discovering the refreshingly novel work of NYC’s advertising-anarchist in residence poster -boy (do check out his flicker, really inspiring stuff). His work consists of playing with advertising in the subways of the big apple to turn the big companies messages into his own using only a razor (apologies for the previous error).


His work is a nice new direction for graffiti after the era of Banksy and is definitely something to watch out for in 2010!

No year would be complete without a new shoe to fantasize about: And luckily for me the kind folk over at shofolk (no pun intended) have provided me with the perfect new range to drool over from their ss10 range. My personal favorites are the blue suede “Harry” revamp which are definitely on the to buy list!

Shofolk SS10

Again to my dear readers i can only apologize for my extended Christmas break but i hope the New Year has started well for you all and expect to hear more from me very shortly!



2 responses to “Dear readers, Its been a while….

  1. PB’s only tool is a razor

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