And now for something completely different (the music edition) :

2010 has barely begun and already the quality of music being produced is astounding: There have been a number of songs and bands that i have discovered this year  and i thought i would share with you some of my favorites.

Local Natives “Airplanes“: From their majestic debut “Gorilla Manor” comes this astoundingly moving ballad about loss. The story behind the song is best summed up by the band themselves in their You Ain’t no Picasso interview. Moving stuff.

Royal Bangs “My Car Is Haunted“: After the dulcet tones of Local Natives the royal bangs might come as a bit of a shock to the system. This stomping anthem is an instant favorite with its cacophony of electronic yelps and catchy bass lines and marks out the Royal Bangs as a band to watch.

Last but not least are a band who have already been marked out by the BBC as a band to watch in 2010: Delphic may not be the first band to merge dance and rock but they are certainly the best. With songs such as “doubt” and “this momentary” already getting serious wave time on radio 1 Delphic are a band that you really can afford to miss out on this year. Their masterful blending of electro and suave guitar rhythms really is something else and if you haven’t heard these Manchester ‘wonderkids’ i really recommend you get down to your local record store as soon as possible!

Expect a few more features like this over the next few weeks as well as a run-down of the best of the sales and time permitting a brand new 2010 “Pauper threads look book feature”.

As always it’s been a pleasure,



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