Man Ring (noun.) A ring for a man:

Recently i’ve had a bit of a craving for a ring don’t ask me why it’s just that i’ve had a sudden and unexplainable desire to adorn my rather aptly named ring finger with some digit jewelry. Ideally i would be from a rather aristocratic family who would have bestowed upon me at some young age a signet ring of immense value and sartorialist kudos but sadly being of rather poor stock no such ring has been forthcoming. Instead i have had to resort to trawling through the interweb (as i have now decreed it should be known) in search of the perfect piece of finger decoration.

Luckily for me Topman have given me some rather nice options. One of my first worries with buying a ring was that it would come across as a quite feminine accessory which was something i wanted to avoid at all costs. The first of my picks presents me with no such issues, indeed the wrapped spanner design has to be the most manly ‘discreet’ ring i have come across in a long while and at the brilliantly reduced price of £5 this has to be a seriously considered option.

A ring that appeals to my more flamboyant side though is this crocodile ring (Also by topman). While I’m not sure this would fit in with any of my looks it is still something that seems to scream out “buy me” to my Bowie side whenever i see it.

This really is just the tip of the iceberg as far as rings go and if anyone wants a few more options i would be more than willing to expand this section. Also for those Pauper threads followers amongst you  expect a further piece on the best of the sales in the upcoming week!



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