New Apple I-Pad:

Have Apple done it again? After much feverish speculation over the last week Apple have finally revealed their new tablet device. Billed as an “third category” between smart-phones and laptops this new device looks to be the next big thing in portable technology. No real details have been released but Jobs told journalists that the device would let you “hold the whole web in your hands” before ascertaining that “What this device does is extraordinary. It is the best browsing experience you have ever had”. It has been revealed though that the device will indeed double as an E-reader to challenge Kindle and it will also allow users to directly connect to the I-Tunes store.

While i think the device’s potential is massive i am not quite sold on its design. It has been based on the I-phone but instead of sharing the sleek looks of its cousin it appears quite clumsy in it’s scaled up form with a much wider non-screen space than i would have expected, not something you can usually say about Apple’s devices. This though is but one mans opinion and It would be great to hear what everyone thinks about the new I-Pad!

– Percy.


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