Best of the sales (List edition):

Just a quick rundown of a few bargain items that have caught my eye today. Normally i find it really hard to pull of “man bling” but this soldier man pendant by Hasam for Topman is giving me a serious can of jewelry lust and at the reduced price of 10 pounds it’s a must have. Next up in my sale finds is a Canvas (what i call) “explorer bag“. Great vintage styling and traditional materials make this a brilliant piece and another must buy for only £25. Third on my list is a pair of chinos by Dr.Denim in my new favorite color burgundy, which at £19.99 shouldn’t be busting any banks. Last but not least is an item that appeals to my love of all things canadian. This lumberjack checked padded shirt is a bit of a design classic reinvented by topman (google Canadian tuxedo) but sadly one that has been forever slightly spoilt for me by the hordes of 13 year old “indie kids” who have adopted the check as their uniform of choice. Oh well…at only £20 this is still an item that you should seriously consider! It also works perfectly as a jacket and is surprisingly warm (Percy’s handy tip of the day).

Happy hunting! And as always it’s been a pleasure searching out the best of the bargains for you lovely Paupees.



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