Early spring Sartorial blues….

The birds are singing the sun is shining the blossoms are…well blossoming i suppose but still spring isn’t quite doing it for me and i blame the highstreet! This time of year is when the move from the winter styles of chunky knit cardigans to t shirts starts to happen but for me the move is just too slow. Take Topman for example it’s cut back on its jumpers in anticipation of better weather to come but still has not got in any inspiring spring or summer styles in store. IN FACT i would go as far as to say their ‘latest trend’ feature which normally has a few things in it to inspire me has been decidedly..average with the new ‘neon’ trend not really doing anything for me. The shorts they have in are admittedly very nice with the new sports short style looking sure to be a big hit for summer but for me they’ve timed it a bit early!

Anyway enough of my blogging rants hopefully ill be back with you soon with a whole bundle of must buys!

heres to hoping,



4 responses to “Early spring Sartorial blues….

  1. yeah there nothing really that ace in topman atm, i did pick up two pairs of chinos though

  2. i already have some blue ones from asos a few seasons ago, i got the beige ones from topman. just posted a snap of them on my blog actually

  3. I think even now topman still has many greys and white stocked. No really bright summer clothing.

    I do like ASOS items especially there coloured chino trousers.

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