New Clothes (Million Hands edition):

Yesterday was warm… almost but even the rather pathetic 40 minutes of filtered sun we got yesterday made me think of summer and my favorite part about summer (after festivals, flip-flops, surfing, the sun and a multitude of other things) has to be T-shirts and these rather amazing pieces of clothing don’t come much better than these “Million Hands” versions available at Topman now!



And now for something ( a little bit ) different:

Two door cinema club are very,very good so good infact that there hasn’t been a day gone by since before Christmas that their hook laden tunes haven’t graced my eardrums (yeah THAT good)! Their latest single Undercover Martins is a guitar layered masterpiece  which proves that this English 3 piece really are something special. Shortlisted for the BBC’s sound of 2010 you would be insane to miss these super catchy indie rockers. While this post isn’t… entirely about fashion i will just try and redeem myself by saying that these boys sure know how to dress and i am loving the chunky knit cardigan that one of their guitarists is wearing.


Objects of desire:

This £10 Deer Head Ring from topman is by a long shot my the best ring i have ever seen. I have a bit of a love of deer iconography and have actually been doing a bit of graphic work based on this motif recently so for me this is absolutely perfect.I LOVE IT…that is all.

-(A very happy) Percy.

And now for something completely different, The Pass edition:

This Kentucky quartet will be massive. Enough said…well maybe a tiny bit more? The pass are an unknown American band who’s pidgeon detectiveesque guitar work has been getting them some serious noticing from the producer Alex Aldi who will be mixing their debut. For those  who haven’t heard of Aldi think Passion Pit and Harlem Shakes and then become seriously exited! Personally i think “Colours” is their preemptive masterpiece and the hook laden guitar work will have any wannabee Jimmy Page frothing at the mouth. You are sure to hear more of this stomping masterpiece in 2010 and rightly so.

The Pass|Colours: Download (4shared link)


Best of the sales (List edition):

Just a quick rundown of a few bargain items that have caught my eye today. Normally i find it really hard to pull of “man bling” but this soldier man pendant by Hasam for Topman is giving me a serious can of jewelry lust and at the reduced price of 10 pounds it’s a must have. Next up in my sale finds is a Canvas (what i call) “explorer bag“. Great vintage styling and traditional materials make this a brilliant piece and another must buy for only £25. Third on my list is a pair of chinos by Dr.Denim in my new favorite color burgundy, which at £19.99 shouldn’t be busting any banks. Last but not least is an item that appeals to my love of all things canadian. This lumberjack checked padded shirt is a bit of a design classic reinvented by topman (google Canadian tuxedo) but sadly one that has been forever slightly spoilt for me by the hordes of 13 year old “indie kids” who have adopted the check as their uniform of choice. Oh well…at only £20 this is still an item that you should seriously consider! It also works perfectly as a jacket and is surprisingly warm (Percy’s handy tip of the day).

Happy hunting! And as always it’s been a pleasure searching out the best of the bargains for you lovely Paupees.


Best of the sales, Superga Boat shoes:

Just a quickie! These “Superga” boat shoes have been on my to buy list for a while now and what better time ‘to buy’ than in the sales? In red white and blue leather panels these super-stylish treads look great with jeans or shorts and are sure to be in style throughout the spring and summer seasons coming. The bright colors and on trend silhouette make these £45 (reduced from £75) wonderkicks a must buy.


Man Ring (noun.) A ring for a man:

Recently i’ve had a bit of a craving for a ring don’t ask me why it’s just that i’ve had a sudden and unexplainable desire to adorn my rather aptly named ring finger with some digit jewelry. Ideally i would be from a rather aristocratic family who would have bestowed upon me at some young age a signet ring of immense value and sartorialist kudos but sadly being of rather poor stock no such ring has been forthcoming. Instead i have had to resort to trawling through the interweb (as i have now decreed it should be known) in search of the perfect piece of finger decoration.

Luckily for me Topman have given me some rather nice options. One of my first worries with buying a ring was that it would come across as a quite feminine accessory which was something i wanted to avoid at all costs. The first of my picks presents me with no such issues, indeed the wrapped spanner design has to be the most manly ‘discreet’ ring i have come across in a long while and at the brilliantly reduced price of £5 this has to be a seriously considered option.

A ring that appeals to my more flamboyant side though is this crocodile ring (Also by topman). While I’m not sure this would fit in with any of my looks it is still something that seems to scream out “buy me” to my Bowie side whenever i see it.

This really is just the tip of the iceberg as far as rings go and if anyone wants a few more options i would be more than willing to expand this section. Also for those Pauper threads followers amongst you  expect a further piece on the best of the sales in the upcoming week!