One(,) (of) the best boat shoes (in glorious technicolor):

Ok summer is here i’ve given up waiting for june this is officially pauper summer time and what might a discerning pauper need for summer you might ask!? Well i’ll tell you (of course) apart from lots of free time and a weekend pass to reading (pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease) the absolute top of my summer of 2010 list is a pair of boat-shoes! And what better way to bring in the sun that with one pair of these £40 bombshells from the clever chaps over at ASOS? These neon wonders top off any summer outfit and are best worn as a statement piece with a plain/dark t-shirt and shorts combo…. mmmmmnnn!

Early spring Sartorial blues….

The birds are singing the sun is shining the blossoms are…well blossoming i suppose but still spring isn’t quite doing it for me and i blame the highstreet! This time of year is when the move from the winter styles of chunky knit cardigans to t shirts starts to happen but for me the move is just too slow. Take Topman for example it’s cut back on its jumpers in anticipation of better weather to come but still has not got in any inspiring spring or summer styles in store. IN FACT i would go as far as to say their ‘latest trend’ feature which normally has a few things in it to inspire me has been decidedly..average with the new ‘neon’ trend not really doing anything for me. The shorts they have in are admittedly very nice with the new sports short style looking sure to be a big hit for summer but for me they’ve timed it a bit early!

Anyway enough of my blogging rants hopefully ill be back with you soon with a whole bundle of must buys!

heres to hoping,



This song is beautiful the haunting melody is sure to grip ahold of your self and gently tear it through the confused emotions of heart break and loss while bringing you out on the otherside feeling like youve been hugged by a yeti…strange i know but “Yucks” new Masterpiece automatic really can’t be described in normal terms… Ecstacy encoded in Mp3,


Big love to the band for giving this away free! Click to go to download.

First of the summer buys:

Summer is coming well in about 4 months but still, ever the resourceful blogger I’m already on the hunt for summer buys. And the first of these to materialize was this great light denim shirt by Topman at £30 pounds it’s also a bit of a bargain!


Chiddy Bang:

Chiddy Bang are yeah…you guessed it pretty much amazing, well maybe you didn’t guess it but come back and read this in  a year and you definitely will. For you see in the fine tradition of Kid Cudi and Kanye Chiddy Bang are breaking through. With their soon to be released single “Opposite of adults” which samples MGMT Chiddy Bang will be massive. And what better way to kick it off than with this video.


Toy Me:

At last what i’ve always been waiting foriconic pop objects” in B.E.A.utifuuul goldy looking metal…mmmmnnnn. And what better way to unleash my very well concealed inner rambo with a cast AK47 for the frankly ballistic price of £15. Also comes in paper plane, lifesaver and many many more flavours.


First of the summer outfits:

Ah the sweet joys of planning my summer wardrobe 3 months in advance… well you know what they say “if a jobs worth doing it’s worth doing properly” and planning a summer style shift is definitely a job worth doing. This summer i want to move away from board shorts and cargo’s into a more tailored and ‘sharp’ style. And this outfit iv’e put together off topman seems to me like the perfect way to launch my new look. Links to all the pieces below,

Burgundy Polo– £14.

White sports super shorts– £30.

Red/blue boat shoes– £46.

Club-master sunglasses– £16.